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SEO Link building services (or backlinks) is perhaps the most important part of SEO, or getting your site ranked high in the search engines for various keywords. However, it should be done in conjunction with a whole host of other methodologies, as well as done correctly.

Link Building vs Lead Generation

link buildingIt is important to note that, although similar, there are distinct differences. Link building on its own is creating or obtaining incoming links to your site, with the goal of improving your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPS). Lead generation, on the other hand, can employ many of the same techniques as link building, but the primary focus is getting targeted leads or visits to your site, while at the same time having the benefit of creating an inbound link. This is the two pronged approach that we prefer, and is also far more natural and sensible. Many “SEO experts” will simply concentrate on building incoming links, and totally ignore the benefits and opportunities of lead generation.

It is also of note that you only need to search Google to find numerous claims by companies guaranteeing to get you on page one of Google, or a latest ‘one click’ software that will take care of all of your SEO. Don’t believe what you read, and be careful of the methods some people use. SEO, to be frank, is not difficult or complicated, despite what many companies will have you believe. However, it needs to be done correctly and intelligently.

The reason Google changes its algorithm is, in part, to prevent sites ranking who use methods to try and ‘beat the system’. If SEO is done properly, Google’s algorithm changes should have little impact on your rankings. If done incorrectly, you could suddenly disappear from sight, or worse, be penalised by Google.

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